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Delivery Models

Outsourcing your learning development to LIQVID has many advantages, the most obvious of these being our offshore expertise. Additional advantages include our multiple delivery models and superb price-quality ratio (our costs are far below average, while our quality standards are extremely high).

Delivery models

LIQVID's OFFSHORE DEVELOPMENT MODEL can significantly reduce the development costs by drawing on the extensive resources at our facility in India. LIQVID is able to effectively manage a credible and reliable pool of knowledge and expertise. Combining our proven work methodology with India's offshore advantage, we are able to deliver the highest quality development and design solutions at the most affordable rates, representing up to a 70% cost savings to our clients abroad. Also, in most cases, the team has not only met their delivery targets within a window of -3/+0, but has also delighted the clients with their solutions. Continuous process improvements ensure that we continue to improve productivity. This provides the added benefit to our clients. Our processes, from resource management to delivery, are built on an assumption that we will have to respond to variable demand within a short time. You will also have total visibility on project status and work-in-progress data through our 'dashboard' and reporting, enabling you to get a high degree of control on the development process. Our communication plan is geared to give you additional comfort and control over the projects we execute for you.


LIQVID has a solid development process supported by automated process in its technical development environment.
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