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eLearning is not just about publishing content online; it is more about presenting the content in an innovative, interesting and easier-to-grasp format.
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Delivery Models

Outsourcing your learning development to LIQVID has many advantages, the most obvious of these being our offshore expertise. Additional advantages include our multiple delivery models and superb price-quality ratio (our costs are far below average, while our quality standards are extremely high).

Delivery models

LIQVID offers DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES in all areas of courseware design, interactive simulations and technical design. Courseware range from Infoware (information dissemination), Knowledgeware (building concepts), Skillware (building practical skills) and Expertware (building expertise), and they may be designed for delivery in blended learning or self-paced learning format. LIQVID also provides eLearning strategy advisement services to corporations to help mitigate the associated risks with implementing an eLearning solution, and helps its customers to clarify business objectives, choose the right approach, understand the audience, achieve a lower cost of ownership, and measure learning outcomes. We work with you to clarify your business challenges and develop an effective online or blended-learning strategy to meet them.


LIQVID has a solid development process supported by automated process in its technical development environment.
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