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eLearning is not just about publishing content online; it is more about presenting the content in an innovative, interesting and easier-to-grasp format.
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Delivery Models

Outsourcing your learning development to LIQVID has many advantages, the most obvious of these being our offshore expertise. Additional advantages include our multiple delivery models and superb price-quality ratio (our costs are far below average, while our quality standards are extremely high).

Delivery models

At LIQVID, we deliver a wide range of eLearning DEVELOPMENT SERVICES by leveraging our reliable, time-tested offshore development model. All our services are calibrated with the three global parameters - Quality, Cost and Time. We have successfully evolved a potent combination of people and tools to use with standard workflow methods and deliver our services to the maximum satisfaction of our customers. In the Time & Material based pricing model, the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed. This engagement model is particularly useful in contexts where the projects are quite complex and are prone to specification and design changes midstream. This model gives customer greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and modifying the specifications based on the changing market needs.


LIQVID has a solid development process supported by automated process in its technical development environment.
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