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eLearning is not just about publishing content online; it is more about presenting the content in an innovative, interesting and easier-to-grasp format.
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Learning Technology

At LIQVID, we believe that the use of the most optimal technology is more important than the use of the latest technology. Our IT strategy is robust and flexible, which helps us to stay ahead of the evolving technological environment. We focus on bringing competitive advantages to all our clients. Our technological interventions meet the requirements of a wide range of organizations across the globe and also complement their IT rules and regulations.

We combine technology expertise and industry-specific requirements to deliver solutions that help clients achieve business goals. The technology services team at LIQVID offers:

  • Technical Programming Services (Custom Tools, LMS, LCMS)
  • Simulation Design and Development
  • SharePoint Sites–Design and Development

The team has experience in developing LCMS and LMS including ecommerce-enabled transactions on the Linux platform with MySQL, Oracle and Postgre SQL as the database engines.

Our Technical Services team has vast experience in designing, developing, implementing, and managing large eLearning solutions. Solutions include deployment of eLearning software tools such as:

  • Managed Learning Environment
  • Content/Asset Management Systems
  • Assessment Management Systems
  • Online Collaboration Tools
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content Syndication Systems

The underlying philosophy of these tools is scalability, ease of use, richness in features/functionality, configurability, and customizability.


LIQVID has a solid development process supported by automated process in its technical development environment.
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