We have helped companies address some of their most intractable
learning-related problems. These range from sales team effectiveness to
increasing revenue from online education. It helps that we have a wide
range of competencies and can often implement the solution.

Often, the challenges we address are outside conventional employee training.

Some of our solutions


An organization engaged with affordable private schools and government schools had difficulty with providing good English teaching since there are few teachers available in small towns with a good command over the language. We provided them a blended Language Lab that allowed effective teaching with lower language skills. We followed that with teacher training, so their team were able to run this successfully in many schools.

Global Consulting

A large global consulting firm needed to teach English to the hospitality industry. The challenge was that available solutions did not cater specifically to the industry but there was neither the time nor the budget required to develop a fully bespoke solution. In this case we added specific vocabulary segments and supplemented our learning with custom role plays from the industry. This program was then successfully implemented.


A division of a large MNC had multiple groups engaged in event management and webinars. Every country had an independent system in different languages taking up expensive resources to manage. More importantly, expert seminars were not globally leveraged. We were able to set up a single environment to handle all their requirements, and provided a 24*7 event management service accessible from all locations.

Global Assessment

A global assessment and certification company was interested in creating and monetizing digital assets as an additional revenue source. Our solution involved creating a freemium app branded for the customer which was made available to all students registering for the certification. We then implemented a marketing plan supported by inside sales to increase revenue from the app.