For any language program to succeed, a strong evaluation system must be in place like we do at Liqvid. Learnings oriented program is one where the assessments are done right and are in sync with course objectives and the assessment is utilized for timely interventions before, during and after the course. Evaluation/assessment reports can prove substantially beneficial to both learners and teachers.

We believe that assessments should not just evaluate learning but also aid in the overall learning process. In line with our view on learning by application, we have aligned the framework for assessments to focus on all three elements for attaining proficiency: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. The following graphic shows how this approach is realized for evaluating language and communication skills.

Language and communication skills

Language and communication skills

English Edge Assessments is an online module that is used to conduct a range of assessments, for example: pre and post assessments for students, assessments for job-readiness in a specific sector, and assessments for trainers leading to certification.

The key features of our assessments are as follows.

Objective and Subjective Test Items
Automated and Rubrics - Based Evaluation
Quantitative and Qualitative Reporting
Multiple Mode Functionality
Ease of Large scale Implementation
Focus on English, soft skills, sector specific content


  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Based on text, image, audio and video


  • Rate of speech audio assessment
  • Role - play / Q&A/teach - back video assessment
  • Essay - type writing skills assessment
  • Peer - evaluation of videos
Evaluation and reporting based on pre-defined rubrics

For the students, the assessments lead to generation of a report that provides them a numerical score on their ability in the area assessed along with qualitative feedback highlighting their strengths and the opportunities for improvement. For trainers and job-seekers, the report may also include certification of their abilities in the area. For example, the assessments may be used to certify trainers on the language skills, ability to use tools for teaching, instructional capability, etc.

The English Edge Assessments are created at various levels to ensure ongoing evaluation and feedback to the students.

Pre Assessment
Post Assessment