E-learning environment of today
is ruled by Artificial Intelligent and
Content based Chatbots.
Students are exposed to chatbots
and other virtual assistants on their
personalized mobile devices.


With changing educational curriculums, textbooks are replaced data-driven and customized learning systems. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving in the emerging technical world with every passing day. This rapid evolution has facilitated in enhancing learning efficiency and led to redesigning learning patterns while reducing high priced infrastructure costs by shifting data activities to cloud based infrastructure.

At the time when Indian Schools have started to focus on Audio-Video learning, technologies like Big Data, Chatbots, AI and Machine Learning are creatively taking over some of the advanced schools in the world. Chatbots do have the potential to completely change the way students learn new things.



The easier and faster way of addressing different training challenges by the Intelligent bots is preferred by learners rather than waiting for emails and telephonic conversations. Most importantly this is real time based and not deferred in time like earlier. The most essential feature of chatbots is the deep learning ability which makes them smarter each day by interacting with the users. Let us explore a few areas where chatbot features and AI are used to deliver efficient eLearning courses:

In a simulated learning environment, bots play
the role of a guide and interact with the
learner, instructing them throughout the
learning program.
Bots reinforce your learning
experience by imparting relevant
information at certain intervals, in
response to various triggers.
AI leverages a complete overview of data analytics in
eLearning and uses it to predict the training
outcomes. So, organizations can provide their
employees with ample training opportunities.
Intelligent bots can also be used to initiate effective
peer-to-peer interactions, thereby boosting employee
collaboration and workplace productivity.
Chatbots deliver data-oriented
results, helping the customers solve
problems quicker, thereby saving
time and resources.
Artificial Intelligence provides efficient solutions for
industries with dynamic learning needs.
Organizations which need to update their eCourses
on a continuous basis can benefit from machine
learning with the capability to accurately predict how
content needs to be improved.