Liqvid English Lab

One of the biggest challenges technology companies face is to increase adoption of their technology inside their customer organizations or their consumers.  Customers who use more features tend to be more loyal over time.

We set up your branded and hosted customer training portal.  You can provide your customers with free or paid training.

Custom Apps

Our apps will support your classroom initiatives by providing supplemental materials and be available for completely online training as well.  Our apps integrate role plays, videos, voice recognition, games and regular assessment to provide for more engaging training, specially for end use.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS provide you with customer-wise reports and allows you to provide your customers with individual learner reporting as well.  Our solution supports both classroom and online learning.  We have a wide range of features including live learning, scheduling, teacher management and reporting.  You can select the features you need for a solution to meet your needs.  The LMS is a hosted solution available on all platforms.

Technology Support

We provide a help desk for customers who need to have their learners and trainers supported.

Content Management

As a technology company, each release comes with its own set of challenges.  One of them is to manage content so that there is proper versioning, while not having to re-create all existing content. Our services here include:
  • Custom content development for a new release across all modes of delivery

  • Content conversion from one format to another

  • Content chunking and tagging to make content available across different media and platforms


AI Support

Our AI tagging services are useful for supporting your AI initiatives. More specifically, to provide relevant content for your chatbots.  We use AI to extract content from your existing artefacts, and then manually check them, edit them, and tag them for your chatbots to use. This is also applicable if you have advanced search functionality on your portals and want your staff or your customers to access a wide range of content.

Questions about plans, pricing, or availability? Let’s find the right solution for you.