In today's era of competition most students rely on tips and exam practice in a few days before the test

Lack of personalized feedback deprives them of real opportunity to score well and they also are unable to improve in their proficiency levels
Our proposed digital solution addresses these issues in a comprehensive way
It gives the learner a detailed, personalized feedback on weak areas and proficiency gaps, allowing them to practice and prepare accordingly.
Test Preparation


Key strategy is assessment driven learning, supported by recommendation engine for the higher levels

A comprehensive CEFR curriculum tree, from A1 to C2, outlining desired proficiency levels across vocabulary, grammar, LSRW, other skills
A wide range of text, audio, video artefacts for each level, and for each type of template that is covered in the exam. These can be owned or from the web.
Extensive set of questions and exercises, across all question types and mapped to the curriculum tree. Automated feedback across LSRW.
Every learner's path is etched based on his continuous assessment bringing out a personalized engine for him

Test Prep