English language lab is an audio and visual software designed to help people learn the language. The software aids in the acquisition of English grammar, listening skills, and writing abilities, among other things. The English language lab makes learning more effective and enjoyable.

As per Statista, 1.35 billion people speak English in the world.

It’s a language that’s spoken across the globe. People who do not speak the same language use English to communicate.

These figures are sufficient to comprehend the global effect of English. Hence learning English is no longer a choice but rather a need. Knowing does not imply just reading or writing. It entails mastering all aspects of LSRW, which stands for Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. As a result, modern English language lab software comes with LSRW abilities.

Qualities Of A Good Language Lab Software

1. Audio

You can hear the session regardless of where you are if you use a good language laboratory system. There will be no misunderstanding due to the direct nature of the sound transfer. All participants will have an equal opportunity to hear and be heard by the instructor in the language lab. No content will be misinterpreted due to the direct nature of the sound transfer. Each participant can comfortably listen to the session.

2. Monitoring

A competent language laboratory system keeps track of learners’ development. Because the instructor is not responsible for creating the next question or activity, they may devote more time to the students’ questions. Teachers will have more time to produce materials and manage class activity since the trainer console features are handled automatically rather than manually. In a traditional classroom, the teacher is unable to attend to each student individually. A language lab allows the trainer to communicate with learners.

3. Activities

There are several activities in a quality language lab software. Teachers may use it to develop a variety of role-playing exercises. Students can be paired up or grouped into small groups to practise interacting with one another. The teacher can also allow students to respond to the master stimulus while listening to a stimulus from the console, allowing them to practise with one another.

4. Privacy

It also provides the required privacy for children who are afraid to speak up for fear of being criticised. Moreover, the instructor can communicate privately with a single student or a group of pupils without distracting the rest of the class. Students benefit from the psychological security provided by the headgear, which allows them to communicate more successfully. It helps students overcome the shyness that is typical in the class.

Advanced Online Learning Management System From Liqvid

Liqvid provides the most modern language lab solutions available today, which are software-based and accessible via a standard web browser from anywhere and at any time. The cloud-based online language laboratories are easy to set up, operate, and cost-effective. If you are looking for highly efficient and all-rounder language lab software, Liqvid is the place to go.