About Us

Flow is the optimal state of learning where skill and challenge levels are at their highest.

We aim to create the state of Flow for every learner our digital learning content touches. We believe the only way to achieve that is through personalized learning.

It’s in our name. Liqvid is derived from two words—“Liquidus” for ‘Flowing’ in Latin and ‘vid’ for ‘to know’ in Sanskrit.
Using the power of technology, we create digital learning or eLearning that takes the ‘shape’ of the learner—personalizing the learning journey effortlessly.
Our digital learning content and technology solutions have impacted learners from all walks of life across the world.
Liqvid has been a trusted digital learning or eLearning content development partner for some of the world’s leading publishers, educational institutions, non-profits, and enterprises for over two decades.

eLearning content development
partnership with Liqvid assures you:


Full-fledged skilled team
To develop eLearning content, you need learning designers, visual designers, technology developers, testing engineers, quality assurance experts, and project managers. We seamlessly become the extended development team to help you meet your defined outcomes. No hiring, no skill gaps, no people-related challenges for you.

Efficient processes
You need a well-defined streamlined process for developing hours of eLearning content. Leveraging our two decades of experience, we set up the process for you that works effectively for the specific content type and the authoring tool and technology. No pains because of process inefficiency for you.

Latest tools and technologies
You may have top-quality instructionally sound learning content, but the true effectiveness of eLearning courses depends on the user experience. We design and develop content using the authoring tool of choice and deliver on the learning management system aligned to your business needs. No outdated platform, no licensing issues for you.

Profitability and faster time to market
Your competitiveness lies in your ability to build EdTech products and solutions profitably. Your success depends on your capability to take them to market faster at an optimal price. Your sustainability depends on user support and upgrades you can provide. Partnership with us enables you to achieve that.

Leadership Team

Vivek Agarwal Liqvid

Vivek Agarwal

Founder and CEO
Vivek’s passion is making quality education and training available to billions at an affordable cost wherever they are. He founded Liqvid eLearning Services in 2002 with the vision of bringing innovative learning solutions to the increasingly technology-savvy marketplace. He envisioned and gave EnglishEdge to the Indian English language learning market—it is one of the most popular ELT products in the education and employability industries. Vivek is one of the eLearning industry pioneers in India. eGuruCool was his successful venture before Liqvid. He routinely speaks at various industry forums on technology-enabled learning and entrepreneurship. In addition, he is actively involved in the entrepreneurs eco-system and has been a visiting faculty at several management institutes. Vivek has majored in Finance and Business Strategy from IIM-Calcutta.
Ashish Payasi Liqvid

Ashish Payasi

SVP of Sales and Strategies
Ashish is passionate about delivering excellence to his clients. With over two decades of experience in the digital learning and development industry, he has worked with clients worldwide to provide strategic sales solutions. Ashish has also worked on project management and technology, which helps him bring a holistic perspective to business growth. He leads the Sales and Services functions and is responsible for driving engagement with the existing clients. He is deeply invested in the ongoing growth of the team. Ashish has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai and a PGDBA in Operations from Symbiosis.
Bhaskar Kedia Liqvid

Bhaskar Kedia

VP of Sales
Bhaskar is a seasoned sales professional with two decades of a rare combination of experience in domestic and international sales in both for-profit and non-profit marketplace. He has worked in channel sales, direct institutional sales, B2B, B2C, B2G, franchised and owned channels. Bhaskar has worked with some of the top eLearning companies before Liqvid. He focuses on growing the company revenue through opportunities from different industries and geographies of focus. Bhaskar has a Bachelor’s in Economics from Delhi University.

Directors and Advisors

Ashish Basu

Vivek Bihani

Naren Bakshi

Rajan Anandan

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Melanie Bowen

Mark Runacres

Anurag Seth