We enable publishers to stay ahead of the digital marketplace with customized learning content and technology solutions.

We are partners with some of the world’s leading educational publishers. We help them take their solutions to K-12, higher education, and professional development market effectively.
With digital language learning and STEM education at the core, we help them improve time-to-market by creating large-scale digital learning content at a competitive price.
Our unmatched experience in building English language learning software and content positions us uniquely as the partner of choice to publishers for digital learning content and technology needs. Our template bank has language learning digital templates mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and all international English Language Teaching (ELT). Our common bank of learning templates is instructionally tested and has all four interactivity levels for eLearning, enabling them to offer a wide variety of digital learning content.

Our Services

We offer a full range of Content Services for publishers. We participate in all parts of the development process, from building a full course to creating custom animations and games and converting content across formats. We are set up to do large-scale projects with strong processes and automated tools for reliable, high-quality delivery.
English Language
Our English Lab offers a blended ELT solution with both classroom and online learning components. It is a powerful combination of English language learning software and content solution. We supplement this with the customization of content and teacher training. The ELT app has many advanced tools, including speed reading, voice recognition for diction, and spaced repetition for vocabulary.
Monetization of
We help publishers monetize learning apps through a set of services. We start by promoting the app within a defined group of people. We then promote usage and prompt conversion through a range of marketing initiatives. Finally, we have an outbound call centre to help end customers buy the product.
We build custom apps for use by customers who need to provide a learning solution to their consumers, with features from our existing products and new ones as required. We supplement this with our own or customer content.