Content Conversion

Content conversion is mundane but necessary to keep content relevant over time with the changing digital learning technologies and learner behavior.

Organizations invest time and resources in building learning content. Digital learning content often becomes unusable as the standards, development and delivery technologies, and learning behaviors evolve. Content conversion requires tools and competencies to be done efficiently and save both time and money. Partner with us if your organization has legacy content that needs to be modernized.

Building Interactions

Typically, the only significant development effort is in building interactions.

We have experience in using classroom content to create:

  • e-Learning Courses
  • Independent Micro-Learning Modules
  • Searchable Chunked Micro-Content

Format Conversion

Moving content developed using one technology environment to another should be automated to avoid possibilities of error.

We have the capability of converting content from one format to another. Some typical formats are:

  • Flash to custom HTML5
  • PDF to Interactive Media-rich PDF
  • PDF to eBooks (ePub, Kindle, custom HTML5)
  • Legacy low-resolution videos to high resolution video + motion-graphics
  • Video curator – splitting large video recordings into logical learning chunks with captions

Our Content Conversion Process

We have developed a number of tools and processes to support your conversion initiatives. You can hand over your classroom course to us with guidelines for the conversion. This can include teacher notes, lesson plans, PowerPoints, student handouts, videotaped class sessions, and teaching aids. We will analyze the course for gaps, inconsistencies, and redundancies, along with a plan to meet these gaps. Once the sources are identified, we will use our tools to convert your content to the required formats and add assessments as needed.

Partner with Liqvid to create a flow in your digital learning content conversion.