Managed Training Services

Managed Training

If your organization structure is lean and agile, our managed training services will be right for you. We set up 24×7 services to support a range of training and skilling related functions, and provide regular reporting customized to your requirements. This means that you can focus on training strategy without having to worry about implementation constraints.


We have a team of professionals with years of experience in the domain who have helped large organizations shape their learning ecosystem. Some of our custom managed services:


  • Training Delivery Services. We use your training calendar and run all delivery processes including managing external trainers, checking that venues are ready, ensuring that materials reach learners on time, all employees are fully aware of their training calendar, and approvals are taken for attending training.

  • LMS Support Services. We provide Level 1 support to your employees in case they have any issues with using their LMS. We also coordinate Level 2 services that you may want to provide to your employees.