Hosted Learning Management System

Choosing the right Learning Management System (LMS) can be confusing.

And having the right LMS is critical to the success of your organization. Let us make it easier for you.
If you are a data-security-conscious organization that needs customization flexibility, easy technology integrations, and a trusted support team, then our hosted LMS is right for you.
If you need a secure LMS to deliver training to your students, customers, vendors, channel partners, agents, and employees at lower upfront investment, then look no further than our hosted LMS.
With 600,000+ learners using it, several global publishers, educational institutions, training companies, and enterprises trust our hosted LMS solution to deliver training in a multi-platform environment.
Our hosted LMS comes with an integrated set of content templates that enables you to provide engaging training. You can use the templates to create simple to complex interactivities, role plays, simulations, and assessments.

Top features

Data Security

Multiple Training Modes

Multiple Media Support

Standards Support

Easy Administration

Multi-device Responsive


Configurable Organization Structure

Easy Tech Platform Integrations
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You can also use our hosted LMS to provide paid services with integrated payment gateways. The LMS is white labeled, and you can easily add custom modules to deliver training on PC, Android, and iOS platforms. We are one of the most experienced learning management companies in India, and many educational institutions rely on us for their hosted LMS solution needs.