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The education industry prefers eBooks for more than one reason – it makes learning more accessible, easily updatable, widely shareable, and affordable.
Partner with us to convert printed books or books in pdf, Word document, or InDesign files to a widely used ePUB format. We have the infrastructure and technical skills to deliver a large volume of eBooks efficiently.
We have the competence to create eBooks for all types of readership — from K-12 to higher education, from skill-focused learning to leisure reading, from technical and scientific content to literature. Our process is driven by subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy.

Reflowable eBooks
Reflowable is the standard layout for most eBooks. As the name suggests, the content on the page flows to adjust the orientation to fit into any screen size. That makes the text and pagination automatically align to any device and gives the user the control to adjust text size and fonts based on their choice. A reflowable format is mainly suitable for text-only books that don’t have a lot of graphics.

Interactive eBooks
Interactive eBooks make digital books engaging and immersive for learners. It is a preferred choice of books in the education industry as it makes having the reading material and audio-visual aids in one place possible. The strategically placed interactive components such as graphics, animations, pop-up questions, knowledge checks make learning effective than static eBooks. The ePUB3, Apple iBooks, custom apps, and pdfs support interactive format eBooks.

Fixed layout eBooks
The page remains static in fixed layout eBooks. The text and graphics are defined and they don’t change based on the size of the screen. The users are expected to zoom in and out, scroll right or left to adjust their reading experiences. A fixed layout format is more suited for books with images, charts, and graphs. All popular eBook readers such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo eReader, Apple iBooks support fixed layout eBooks.