Education Technology (EdTech)

We are the industry leader in creating digital learning content for the EdTech market.

Our unmatched experience in building digital language lab software and content for global organizations positions us uniquely to develop large-scale digital learning content accurately and efficiently.
We have a tried and tested template bank of all four levels of interactivities that you can choose from for your eLearning courses. Whether you need levels 1 and 2 modules with basic click-to-reveal and drag-and-drop interactivities, or levels 3 and 4 with complex animations, videos, advanced simulations, gamification, or branching scenarios, you have instructionally sound templates to rely on.

Our Services

We analyze training needs, evaluate gaps, and develop a curriculum mapped to the learning needs of the target audience. We involve Subject Matter Experts (SME) to ensure the accuracy of learning content.
You can rely on us for your training content development needs ranging from information-based generic content, compliance training, and skills development programs. We specialize in developing Information Technology (IT) training content for new-age technologies, including AI, IoT, DevOps, Cloud, Storage, Networking, AR/VR, and Blockchain.
Online learning is available in a variety of formats to suit specific learning objectives and technology infrastructure. We have deep experience in eLearning course development and creating blended learning programs for K-12 and higher education. We are the leading EdTech solution provider and the types of courses we offer include:
• Self-paced training
• Instructor-led training
• Virtual instructor-led training
• Game-based learning (simple games)
• Business games (Complex scenario-based learning)
• Performance support management solutions
• Simulations (software and hardware)
Augmented Reality learning solutions
• Digital Language Lab Software For Colleges
• Digital Language Lab Software For Schools
Video Animation
Video animations are an integral part of any digital learning program or an eLearning course. They are a powerful way to explain a concept and for overall user engagement. You can rely on us to produce all popular video animation styles for your educational content in high volumes.
• Whiteboard line drawing animation. It is used for storytelling or story-based learning.
• Motion graphics animation. It uses abstract and icon-based elements and is typically used in IT training videos for explaining a concept.
• Character animation. It uses illustrated character-based animation that is popularly used for explaining situational content or scenario-based learning.
• Photo-based animation. It uses high-quality photos that are animated to enrich the learner’s experience or make presentations engaging.
• 2D and 3D animation. They are used for explaining complex concepts. They are extensively in the manufacturing, medical, airline, and hardware industries.
Video-based learning has become a preferred format with the increasing popularity of video courses. We help you create compelling instructionally sound video courses. Whether it is a simple informative video course or an interactive course with pop-up quizzes and game elements, we have the expertise to develop video courses at any scale. We are the EdTech solution provider partner of choice for creating the following three types of video-based learning courses for many leading organizations: 
• Talking head. A video with an instructor teaching.
• Motion graphics video. A video with illustrated icon-based graphics explaining the concept.
• Photo-based video. A video that uses photos in the background and highlights animated texts.