A range of services


Training Needs Analysis
Curriculum Design


Instructor Led LEarning
Self-Paced eLearning
Massive Open online Course (MOOC)
Games, Apps
Performance Support

Managed Learning Support

eMentoring & eTutoring
Virtual Classroom / Face 2 Face Facilitation
Certification Management
LMS & AMS Administration
Intranet & Portal Management

Scalable / Cloud based Technology

iOS & Android Applications
Gamification (Points, Badges & Leaderboard)
Business Intelligence Analytics
Learning Management System, Assessment Engine
Share Point / Custom Application
Content Creation

Content Creation

We are the qualified and experienced services collaborator you need for your content related business goals. We have time-proven methods, tools, and templates to take care of your content creation as well as content transformation needs.

  • Design-Build-Test: Our Learning Design Analysts will study your learning needs and come up with the learning design that meets your purpose. The design is then transformed into a fully e or Blended model.
  • Build & Test: If you have the design and storyboards already figured out, you can hand over the baton to us for the rapid creation of content. Hence you can focus on your design, and we do the rest.

Content Transformation Services

We assist in transforming content to a more comprehensible and applicative form, such as:


Legacy non-working courses to rapid authoring tools


Flash interactivities to custom HTML5 interactivities


PDF to Interactive Media-rich PDF


PDF to eBooks (ePub, Kindle, custom HTML5)


WebCast, vILT, & classroom recordings to bite-sized video-based Learning Objects (LO)


Legacy low-resolution videos to high resolution video + motion-graphics


Diagrams to explainer videos

Process for both

SPOC: We ensure a single window of service to our customers. A single point contact ensures timely and apt remedy for all communication and outputs.
Reporting/Dashboard: We believe in a single transparent project dashboard which is updated in real-time and is available to everyone 'live' to see the needle move on the project.
Understand - Learn - Automate: in addition to a few productivity tools we have already invested on, each project poses a unique opportunity of newer automation. The SPOC ensures that relevant expertise from the team is engaged to run the production process, learn from it, and automate it for efficiencies.
Dedicated input and delivery handoff site: As a standard, we set up a common high speed, access controlled, cloud- based handoff site for all the inputs and outputs to be exchanged between the two organizations.

Tools & Templates


Flash to HTML converter-
This tool allows rapid
conversion of Flash
interactivities into custom
HTML 5 using a set of base
JS framework(s)


PDF to ePub converter-
This tool allows for rapid
conversion of PDF to
ePub and Kindle eBooks


Video curator- This tool
allows for large video
recordings to be split into
logical learning pieces
with caption text.